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jeffscurlock —  January 18, 2012 — 1 Comment

The following post is one of many that I will be relocating from my old blog site.

I  had a parental, sentimental moment in an elevator yesterday.

I attended our District Council this week in Montgomery Alabama. This is the time when ministers from my denomination along with church delegates meet for annual business. When our children were small Felicia and I would take them with us to events such as District council. Our kids loved elevators. I remember them debating about who would push the button in the motel elevator. I can hear it like it was yesterday only it was not yesterday. My kids are twenty eight, twenty two and nineteen in age. I can still hear one or all of them asking, “daddy can I push the button in the elebator (spelling error mine)? “You did it last time!! Daddy it’s my turn to push the button”. It was hard judging the situation and deciding who would push the button. One time I let both of the girls take turns. One pushed the button for the first floor. When we arrived at the first floor I told the other “now you push number two “, and we would ride back up. “Now Adam you push number one” and we would ride back to the ground floor and everyone was happy.

Yesterday I held the elevator for a young couple who had two little girls and I overheard the same conversation as they came down the hall that I heard years ago. Their little girls asking, “daddy is it my turn to push the button?”

If you are a young parent my advice to you is this. Embrace those moments. If you need to ride the elevator up and down two or three times to make everyone happy, do it. You are going to turn around and those little ones will not be looking at your knees they will be looking into your eyes, all grown up and they will not want to push the button. Now I have to push the button myself and it’s not as much fun!



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  • Marilyn Downing

    I love this and it brings back so many memories. Enjoy each and everyday to its fullest, we don’t get a redo button, just have to learn from the mistakes and treasure the great times.