Writers Block

jeffscurlock —  January 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Writers Block

I’m experience writers block so I thought that since I could think of no subject to write about I would write about my writers block.

I go through periods where ideas for writing are coming off of me like a huge water fall cascading off the rocks, landing in the water below and making the sound of thousands of roaring lions.  Then there are days like today. Days that demands keep me from the opportunity to even put fingers to keyboard. I’ve wanted to sit and write all day but I do have a job and responsibilities other than writing.

After a day of limited reading,  study, counseling,  beginning to build a hand rail for my mother who is recovering from hip replacement surgery,  I find a few minutes to sit at my computer put my fingers on the keyboard and  nothing. Not an idea for the next chapter of my book. Not an entry for my Life Journal, nothing. I am thinking about the fact that my day at 4pm is nowhere close from being done. There is a precious lady in the hospital that I will need to check on when I leave the office.  I will be stopping by the local grocery store to pick something up for supper (that’s the evening meal for southern ladies and gentlemen), then going home to prepare supper for my family. Supper is my responsibility Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week.  At this point I don’t have a clue what supper will consist of. Hum!

I love to write. I love the feeling that I have when the words are coming to me much faster than I can type and I do type very well.  I love that feeling.

Writers block comes to all writers. The novices like me and even those who do it for a living. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, it happens. I think it’s the result of being overwhelmed with so many things that the mind is not able to relax.

I’m excited about my book.  I’m right at 15,000 words. Not bad. I’m not sure at this point how many words I’m going to wind up with but since it’s my first book I’m not going to get overly concerned with meeting a certain criteria.  I would like my book to be “a normal size” but I’m not going to stuff it with fluff just to create a predetermined amount of words or pages. After all, I do not have a publisher and I will be using a POD service so it’s completely up to me.

So I ramble about stuff knowing that I need to get up from this desk, pack my computer in my back pack get in my pickup truck and go accomplish those things that are before me.



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