Presidential Politics and Christian Values

jeffscurlock —  February 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

The presidential campaign is in full swing. I’m following the battle to be the Republican nominee with great interest. As a conservative my ultimate goal is that Obama be defeated. I’m not in to socialism and class warfare. I believe that people should be able to keep as much as possible of their earnings. I do not believe that it is the responsibility of the rich to put money into the hands of lazy people who will not work.

The Republican race is problematic for me. I’m not sure how many of these men are truly. Conservative.

Ron Paul is a crazy man. His foreign policies would be detrimental to the whole world.

Romney is a businessman. He has made lots of money and created some jobs along the way but I’m not sure what his real position on conservative matters is. It seems to me that over the years that he has changed his positions with every change of the wind. I do however know thar everyone has the right to change their mind. I do believe that Romney is pro government healtcare with a mandate he did it in Mass. I do problem with the fact that he belongs to a false religion. Mormonism is not Christianity.

Gingrich is a loose cannon but I would vote for him over Romney. Gingrich had lots of problems when he was Speaker of the house. Gingrich too has shifted his positions over the years and I’m not quite sure where he stands on some important issues. Years ago het too supported the idea of gov healthcare. The thing I love about Gingrich is that he is extremely intelligent and he is feisty. He Don’t take nothing from nobody (bad grammar on purpose). I think he would take Obama to pieces in debates.

Rick Santorum is the most conservative of the group. He’s a nice guy and I really like him and his positions. If it were up to me he would be our next president. The only problem I see with Santorum is I don’t think he could bear Obama. It hurts me to say that. Maybe I’m wrong

I don’t have any say as to who the nominee will be. I live in a state with a small amour of delegates and I’m pretty sure that by theta e we vote it will be decided.



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