jeffscurlock —  March 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

Anticipation, anticipation, it’s making me wait and it’s driving me crazy!! Not really. I’m expecting the first proof copy of my new book today and I can’t seem to concentrate on much more. I’m pretty sure that my proof is going to have a major error. Nonetheless I want to see it.

The error? Just before uploading the final draft to the printer I adjusted the margins and gutter space which made everything shift. I think that part is okay except for the fact that I forgot to double check the page numbers the chapters begin on for the table of contents. So…. I expect that my table of contents will have to be re-done. That will mean re-submitting, waiting for a review and then the shipment of a second proof copy. All this has to be done before I can release the book for sale.

I’m leaving Monday to spend a week in Haiti so me being gone will delay the release even more. I’m just really anxious.

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