Oh Happy Day!

jeffscurlock —  July 13, 2012 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life. My grandson Jackson Andrew Scurlock-Sawyer (addition of Scurlock mine) came into the world. At 8 pounds 3 oz with big hands, big feet and a big head. He came into the world with lots of volume. I’m afraid he got the big head from me. My size eight melon has caused me some embarrassment through the years. In my football days I had to have a special ordered helmet. Recently I was in a sporting goods store trying to find a bicycle helmet that fit and once again was reminded of the price of having such a large brain.

Because of his size (big) and the size of my daughter (small) Jackson had to come into the world by C-Section. My son-in law said Jackson was crying before they could get him delivered.

What an amazing feeling to hold a little life brought into the world by someone you brought into the world. I know some of you are old hat at the grandchild thing by now but give me a break. This is my first.

I feel a great since of responsibility with Jackson. What will he learn from me? What characteristics that he sees in me will he adopt as his own? I know I’m not the parent. He has two of them. I’m confident that Andrew and Kara will teach Jackson the important things in life. They will raise him going to church and hope that at an early age Jackson will accept Christ into his heart. I know Andrew will teach Jackson some of the finer things in life like how to swing a baseball bat or how to treat a lady.  I know that Jackson is not primarily my responsibility but I do feel it.  I want him to grow up knowing that his Papa is a man of integrity who loves God and always put’s God and family first.

Welcome into the world Jackson Andrew Scurlock-Sawyer.

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