Good News. No, GREAT NEWS!

jeffscurlock —  July 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

The word Gospel means good news. It’s really good news that Jesus came and paid our debt so that we could be born again and inherit eternal life. Some scripture verses are over-looked because they are so familiar to us. John 3:16 is one of those scriptures. As a matter of fact though not often voiced I feel sure that most believers think of John 3:16 as being that first verse they memorized as a child and they identify it with children.

To me there is no scripture more profound than John 3:16. It is the gospel expressed in once segment of scripture. I want to break it down for you.


For God (The greatest good) so loved (The greatest action) the world (The greatest need), that He gave (The greatest example) His only Son (The greatest sacrifice) That whoever (The greatest invitation) believes in Him (The greatest response) Should not perish (The greatest horror) but have eternal life (The greatest gift).

  • God loves you.
  • He loves you so much that he gave His Son Jesus.
  • So that you could believe in him.
  • So that you would not experience the horror of an eternal hell.
  • So that you could have His eternal life.



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