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I love quotes. I love to hear and say what someone else has said.  A good quote from a respected leader gives credence to a position.  I’ve never been very good at keeping quotes because I’m just not that organized. I heard John Maxwell talk many times of how he has kept quotes on 3X5 cards since he was seventeen years old. I admire him for that. Again, I’m just not that organized.

Thankfully the technology age has and is bringing us tools that make being organized easier.  I am trying my best, as much as finances will allow to stay as close to the technology wave as possible.  I recently went completely Apple with my computing. I started when I received an iPad a couple of years ago for Christmas. When it was time to get a new phone I left Blackberry and went with an iPhone and recently changed from a PC to a MacBook Pro.

One of the great tools I have become acquainted with over the last few months is an application called Evernote.  I had an Evernote app on my iPhone for months before I started learning how powerful this tool is.

Now keeping quotes are a breeze.  I just put them in the Evernote app, which I have on my MacBook, my iPad and my iPhone. Regardless of which device I use to input quotes or anything else for that matter it automatically syncs with the other devices. Now the quotes I save (easily) are always at my fingertips. No digging through card files (sorry John Maxwell).

I have to thak Michael Hyatt the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing for making me aware in one of his blogs of just how useful Evernote is.



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  • JuryDuty

    Curious–how do you file your notes in Evernote? Do you give each one its own note, or create overall notes for types of quotes? What do you put in each subject?