How to Stay Married for a Long, Long time.

jeffscurlock —  August 7, 2012 — 2 Comments

How to stay married for a long, long, time.  I try to keep my post at 300 to 500 words so that you will come back and read again so,  this subject might take several.

This past week Felicia and I celebrated our thirty-third wedding anniversary. Yes we married young. She was seventeen and about to begin her senior year in High School (and yes she did graduate) and I was nineteen. Two things I want you to know about us getting married so young. Number one, there was no baby on the way. We were married in August of 1979 and our first child was born in November of 1981. Just thought I’d clear the air. Number two; we do not recommend that people marry that young.

Now thirty-three years later I look back on our life together to this point and realize that us staying married was not just luck. So I thought I’d share with you over the next few post some tidbits that we have learned and some of the experiences that we have had along the way and how we handled them or didn’t handle them.

In August of 1979 when we first married so many people told us the same thing; “If you make it through the first year you’ll be ok.” “What did they mean by that”? “Was the first year going to be hard or something”? Questions I asked. How could it be hard? After all we were in love. We couldn’t stand being away from each other. The thought that we would be able to be together all of the time in our own house was just too much to resist.

We had been dating for a couple of years when we married. Our dating life was bliss. I knew I was going to have the most submissive wife in the world because during two years of dating Felicia never challenged or disagreed with me about anything. Not one time!

For years I’ve referred to dating as, “The Big Lie.” It’s the big lie because most people including me put their best foot forward when they are dating and try their best not to show their down sides and we all have them.

The bliss of our dating life crossed over into our married life for about one week and then it began.

I’m going to stop here for this particular post but let me assure you that thirty-three years later we are very happily married with three grown children and a brand new grandson.

What are some of your ideas about how to stay married a long time? Or what are some experiences that you have had that might be helpful to others?


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  • Ms. Nine

    Okay. Loved the title. Content is too long. Sharpen it up and you’ve got a winner. I’ll be watching you grow.

  • jeffscurlock

    Ms. Nine, thanks for stopping by, for reading and for your comment.