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Over the course of the last two years we have been planning weddings. Our first daughter was married in July of 2011 and our youngest will be married in three weeks.

Over the last two years I’ve heard the word Pinterest come up possibly hundreds of times in conversation. “Oh” Felicia might say to one of our daughters, “I found a great recipe for a new vegetable dip on Pinterest today.” Our youngest daughter is really into crafts and having things that look really expensive for a fraction of the cost. She mentions Pinterest daily.

One day while checking up on Facebook I saw where the wife of one of my friends updated her status with something like, “Pinterest makes me want to build a log cabin out of sausage.”

Anything that I’ve heard anyone say about Pinterest was said by a female and it was on the subjects of decorating, cooking, crafts, weddings, etc.  Basically it was a about things that quite frankly I wasn’t interested in.

A few days ago I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Michael Hyatt and he said something about Pinterest. “What? Pinterest is for girls,” was my thought.

A couple of nights ago while sitting in my new recliner with computer in lap I decided to venture into Pinterest. What I discovered was an amazing place to organize my favorite web content, Internet resources and more.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board. You can create as many of these boards as you like with whatever classification you want to give them. Then anything you find online that you want to go back to or you want to share with friends is pinned on a board of your choosing.

You also have the opportunity to follow other people (like Twitter) and have quick access to whatever they are posting on their boards or you can just do searches to see what other people are finding. If you find something on one of the boards belonging to a stranger or a friend that you like you can re-pin it on one of your boards.

I’m just getting started with my Pinterest experience. I have four boards. “Blogs” is my board where I post access to blogs that I like that I want to share with others.  “Organization” is my board where I post information to help me or other people stay organized. “Technology” is my board where I post, well…. information about technology. And last (for right now) I have a board called “Books I Recommend”.

If you want to see my boards FOLLOW THIS LINK TO MY PINTEREST PAGE, or the screencast shot of my Pinterest page below.

Check it out.

Have you used Pinterest? Do you have any advice for my readers or me? Leave a comment.

Jeff Scurlock


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