Get Off Your Butt and Your But’s and Do Something!

Jeff Scurlock —  August 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

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These four steps are from a book by Tony Robbins.  I do not recommend Tony Robbins as reading for the average Christian and you will notice that there are no links to his books on my site. I will admit there are some good nuggets in the book i am now cautiously reading..

Below are Four Steps To Success (My title) from this book I’m reading by Tony.  The headings are his. The comments are mine.

1.  Clearly decide what you want out of life. As a believer you should determine your dreams and goals in conjunction with prayer, Bible reading and seeking God for His direction. For His Will!

Make a decision. So many people just waffle through life with no real purpose. They make every conceivable excuse to not be an achiever with their “But’s”. “I would do it but.”  Define your purpose. What is it that you want your life to stand for and what is it that you want to accomplish. DECIDE!

2. Take action, massive action to make it happen.  James 2:20 says, “faith without works is dead.” It does no good to decide what you want out of life, what direction God is leading you if you will not take action to make it happen.

So, your afraid of failure. So what! Wouldn’t you rather fail at trying something than to succeed at doing nothing?

Quit being a wimp. Quit being afraid. DO SOMETHING!

Get an education,. Get a job. Make responsible decisions. Write everyday even if you don’t know if anyone is reading it (that one was for me).

3. Pay attention to what does and does not work. Not everything you try is going to work.  If you did then that would mean that you were omnipotent (all powerful) and only God fits that description.  Yes you will fail. Failure is not a bad thing if you use it for your advantage.  How can you get good out of failure? Learn from it. REMEMBER THIS: FAILURE IS ONLY FINAL IF YOU QUIT.

4.  If what your doing is not working, change your approach continually until you find an approach that works.  Failure teaches you what doesn’t work.  By eliminating the things we learn do not work we find the things that we learn do work.

God has a good life for you. Make up your mind and in your spirit to day that you will never again be less than what God has created you to be.


Jeff Scurlock


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