2 Things You Need To Know About Your Husband.

Jeff Scurlock —  August 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

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I’m married to a wonderful, Godly lady, who not only loves God she loves me. Why? I’m not sure I’ve got that one figured out. We married very young; she was seventeen and I was nineteen. She went through her senior year of high school as my wife. Oh by the way, our first child was born two years after we were married.

In Felicia I have a life partner who most of the times understands me. I am a real mystery and she has a tough job but she’s been diligent. After thirty-three years of marriage she still, at times has to figure me out.

Ladies just in case you have recently married and haven’t yet found a chink in your husband’s armor. Just in case you still think your husband is superman I want to share a couple of things with you. You need to know them but your husband most likely will not tell you.

 Your Husband Is Vulnerable. According to dictionary.com the word Vulnerable means, “capable of being wounded or hurt. Wow that might make him seem like a real wimp.

Men put up a strong front. We’re supposed to be tough. Many grew up being taught, “men don’t cry.” I’m certainly no sissy but I am vulnerable, at least in the sense that I am capable of being wounded or hurt.   I’m a man, a real man’s man.  I played football from the 2nd grade until high school graduation. I was a high school power-lifting champion. Before leaving high school I was a 46 in the chest and a 30 in the waist and could bench-press 400 pounds. I was still tender hearted. If you made me angry I cried. There’s no shame in that!

Your husband may be strong, reassuring and a great leader on the outside. On the inside he’s a boy who has been loaded down with responsibility and that responsibility get’s really heavy at times and he can be hurt.

Your Husband Needs Moral Support from You:  There is no bragging that makes my chest poke out more than when Felicia brags on me. She is my number one cheerleader.

Your husband has a God given ego. When you give him moral support by bragging on him you stroke that ego. It makes him more confident and eager to do something else to please you. It’s nice when someone else loves something I do but nothing pleases me more than when Felicia is pleased with something I’ve done.

It’s not much but it’s two things you might need to know.

Men, share something on this page you wished your wife knew.

Ladies, You do the same. Tell me something you wished your husband knew or understood.


Jeff Scurlock


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