Facing a Major Life Change

Jeff Scurlock —  September 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Lauren and Trevor III
Today is Saturday. One week from today my daughter Lauren will be married to some guy named Trevor.

We’re just hanging out today. It’s the first Saturday of college football season.  My son Adam is here, our oldest daughter Kara her husband Andrew and our grandson Jackson, Felicia and Lauren. We’re all here.

It seems to be business as usual. Andrew, Adam and myself are in the den watching Nebraska play Southern Miss. Felicia and the girls are in the dinning room working on wedding stuff and Jackson sleeps peacefully in his bouncer on the den floor.

Periodically I get overwhelmed with the realization that things are not business as usual, that things are about to change drastically. Lauren has been part of our home and daily lives for twenty-one years and four months. Next Saturday she and Trevor will drive away from the church with their life together in front of them. Felicia and I will watch them drive away wondering what life will be like with Lauren three and a half hours away.

I’m proud of and for Lauren. Trevor is a fine young man who serves as the praise and worship pastor at a church in Florida. Lauren has already secured a job on the campus of Florida State University. Everything seems to be in order for them to start their life together.

Knowing that they have things in order brings me great comfort as a dad. It does make it some easier to watch her ride into her future with Trevor. It will not make me miss her any less.

Jeff Scurlock


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