Why An Alabama Fan Is Pulling For Penn State Today.

Jeff Scurlock —  September 1, 2012 — Leave a comment


It just happened, the beginning of the first Penn State game of the year, the first game of a new era under very difficult circumstances.

For the first time in my life I feel myself pulling for Penn State. I find that I care about the outcome of their game and that I want them to win.

The stuff that happened at Penn State was horrible.  Jerry  Sandusky is a horrible man who did horrible things. Joe Pa was wrong to look the other way and not do something to stop it and make Sandusky pay for his crimes. Penn State was right to take the statue down.

In spite of all the horrible stuff that happened there I still find myself rooting for the Lions. Why? The coaches who are there now, the players and the fans are innocent. It’s not their fault.  Now they have the job of trying to restore some semblance of dignity to Penn State. I hope they achieve. Go Penn State!

Jeff Scurlock


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