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I began this year (2012) with a lofty goal to read fifty-two books before December 31. I did pretty well for the first half of the year. However when I began to work on this blogging thing in earnest my reading schedule began to suffer. I’ve been on book twenty-seven for about a month.

Bogging and Podcasting are time consuming. Especially when you have to get educated and learn what you’re doing as you go.  My reading takes place during my spare time (such as it is) and during an allotted time during my workday.  Since most of my reading is related to my ministry as a pastor I feel justified in doing some of that reading as part of my work day.

Along with the time that I spend working on this blog I have also began reading more other blogs. Right now I have about twenty subscriptions on my RSS reader.  I don’t read every post that shows up in my reader but I do scan the headlines, click on the ones that look interesting and read.  So I’m reading more blogs and I’m spending what was my reading time crafting a web presence.

Because of my change of schedule I have released myself from my goal to read fifty-two books this year. Now I’m going to be satisfied to read at least one book per month along with all the other reading I do.

How much do you read?

Speaking of reading check out my 2012 reading log here and order one of the books using the affiliate links there. 2012 READING LOG.

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