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n spite of the growth of liberalism in the Democratic Party the part of the south that I live in has remained democratic when it comes to local politics. Presidential candidates will not spend money campaigning in Alabama because both parts know and concede that when it comes to presidential elections the Republicans are a shoo in. Not so with local politics.  I’ve asked politicians why they will not run as Republicans, their reply; I can’t get elected as a Republican.

I live in the buckle of the Bible belt and still the Democratic Party has a toe hold here in our local politics. Many of these politicians are people I know and like. They are my neighbors and leaders in my community. I’m really frustrated.

Today I learned that at their 2012 convention the Democratic Party has eliminated any mention of God in their platform. I’m not surprised. The Democratic Party has been taken over by anti God, anti Church liberals.

My first complaint is with our local politicians.  When is enough, enough? When do you stop associating yourself with the Democratic Party? When do you take a stand for what’s right not what’s popular. These politicians will tell you in conversation that they do not agree with the national Democratic Party. THEN GET OUT! Acknowledge it or not. As a democrat you are endorsing a platform that rejects God.

My second complaint is with the voters. When is enough, enough? When do we get so disgusted with the Democratic Party that we refuse to vote for anyone who associates themselves with it?  Acknowledge it or not. When you vote for a democrat you are endorsing a platform that rejects God.

Get angry with me if you want. My question to you as a voter is this.  Is it ok with you that the Democratic Party is Anti-God?

The term “conservative Democrat” is an oxymoron.

Jeff Scurlock


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