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Lauren and Trevor Starbucks

I had just about five minutes alone with her before we left the bridal room. We shared a few, very special father/daughter moments together. I told her the truth, that she is an extraordinary young lady and that I was so proud of her.

Then, I walked her down the isle and gave her away. After twenty-one years of her being mine I gave her to Trevor.

Trevor did it right. He asked me for her months ago. He asked me if I would give her to him.  I told him that he had to make me a promise that he would love her as much as I do. He said he did and that he would.  My heart ached as we walked down the isle. Not because of her future, it looks very bright. My heart ached at the realization that she would no longer be present in my daily life.

I’m really proud of Trevor and Lauren. Trevor serves as the worship pastor at a church in Crawfordville Florida. Lauren now has a medical job on the campus of Florida State University.

Lauren and Trevor are quite the couple. They hit if off in the sixth grade and have been almost joined at the hip ever since. Trevor too is a high quality human being.  He is talented, loves God and is very anointed. The most comforting thing is that I know he loves my baby girl.


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Jeff Scurlock


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  • http://www.facebook.com/cassandraaller Cassie Emerson

    U are a very blessed man Pastor Jeff. a wonderful, beautiful & Godly wife,and daughters, a handsome & godly son,and now 2 handsome and godly son n laws. and last but certainly not least, one very handsome grand son. and of course they are all blessed to have u as a Godly husband, father, father n law & papa. Love and miss y’all much. God bless yaw.

    • JeffScurlock

      Thank you Cassie for those sweet words. You are a special lady. Thanks for reading my blog. Help me get the word out in Washington State and ask your friends and family to do an email subscribe. Your help would be awesome. We love you guys. Tell your mom and Tony I said Hi.