Why iTunes Is Driving Me Crazy. UPDATED.

Jeff Scurlock —  September 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 8.24.19 PMThe last couple of weeks have been very busy, the wedding of my daughter, a two day get-away with Felicia and then two and a half days at a men’s retreat along with regular sermon preparation and more. Now I’ve been getting  back in the saddle at the office and church ministry. During all of it I’ve been working (in my limited spare time) on a new project.

I’ve made it my intention to do a daily podcast that will be called Start Your Day Right. It will be a 10 to 15 minute devotion with some scripture, encouraging words and a time of prayer. It’s quite an undertaking and a bit overwhelming, the thought that I will need to produce five brand new episodes per week, every week.

I think that once I get into the flow of things it won’t really be a big deal. I did a Ten minute radio broadcast for years and it’s about the same amount of work.

I have actually already created the web site where the podcast will be hosted and the first episode is in the can. I’m ready to go live except for one problem.

I want to have the podcast live on iTunes and other podcast host. I’ve done everything that I know to do and still can’t get iTunes to display my content correctly. I’m determined. I can’t get much done at home because of my limited Internet availability so I have to work in the early morning and late afternoon hours in my office at the church.

I will get it done. I am determined.  I plan to have Start Your Day Right live on iTunes my Monday September 24th.  Stay Tuned



Jeff Scurlock


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  • http://www.facebook.com/lcraighicks Craig Hicks

    Hey Jeff, I’ve just started following you on here. I’ve looked at doing the same thing & the time alone almost deters me. So, I’m just starting to do a video devo, no more than 2 min & I’ve been recording straight onto Facebook. What software/apps are you using to do this. I would like to get started w/ iTunes for audio podcasts as well as my sermons. When you get the bugs worked out, how about share some of your knowledge?!? PS, just started reading Hell’s Spells. Chapter 1 has fascinated me already.

  • JeffScurlock

    Craig, Thanks for following me and for commenting. I’m doing an audio podcast. I have a self hosted site at wordpress.org. My hosting company is Bluehost. if you decided to get hosting I recommend them. You get unlimited storage and as many domains as you want. Right now I have about 5 domains being served by them and it only cost $6.95 per month. If you decided to use them, PLEASE USE THE LINK ON MY PAGE. I do my recording and editing in Garage Band. Blessings!