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Jeff Scurlock —  September 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

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Do you listen to podcast? Do you know what podcasting is? Even though podcasting hit the scene several years ago and now there are millions of people who listen, experts say that podcasting is still in it’s infancy and that most Americans have never accessed a podcast.

Without getting to technical let me explain it to you (for those of you who need me to). Someone records a program: talk, sermon audio, self-help, how to, etc.   They then upload that audio to a website so that people can go to that website and listen. Most also create what is called a feed and then submit that feed to services like iTunes.  The result is that anyone in the world can access the website or the podcast player such as iTunes and download the program.

It’s actually pretty cool. There are podcast that cover any subject that your interested in. For example, I went to iTunes and typed in the search box I typed “scrapbook.” I found scores of podcast on the subject of scrapbooking and crafts.

The really neat thing about podcast is that it’s like radio on demand. You listen to what you want when you want.

I love listening to podcast. I do it mostly when as I’m having my morning walk or when I go to bed I let a podcast in my ear buds talk me to sleep.

I’ve shared all of that to tell you this.  In conjunction with this website I have two others that are platforms for my new podcast.

Starting Monday, September 24 I will be having a daily devotion podcast called “Start Your Day Right.” This podcast is 10 to 15 minutes of scripture, encouragement and prayer.  Listen to it in the mornings. While your driving, walking, running, drinking coffee, getting ready for work or whenever.  It could be listened to any time of the day but it’s designed for the mornings.

This podcast is quite an undertaking for me. Just the preparation, the production are a big deal. I’m doing it because quite frankly, I feel like I’m supposed to.

There are two ways you can listen to START YOUR DAY RIGHT. One is at the website which is or iTunes (Link to iTunes Podcast).  I hope you will join me and tell someone else about it.

My other podcast is called Real Issues Podcast. It will be mostly sermon audio but not necessarily all of the time. It can be accessed at or at this iTunes link.


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