A Pastor and A Motorcycle

Jeff Scurlock —  October 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

Jeff and Felicia Motorcycle

I bought a motorcycle. At the age of fifty-two I’ve purchased the first motorcycle I’ve ever owned.  I remember as a teenager riding my friend’s bikes and wanting one so bad but my dad said no.  “What if I save up my money and buy it myself?” I asked him, still the answer was no.

As life moved on responsibility came then weight gain.  I rode a bike once in a while but as the years passed by and the weight gain got worse I had fewer and fewer opportunities to ride.

This year has been awesome for me. I started the year asking God to let this be the greatest year of my life and that He would get more glory from me this year than ever before.  This year has been awesome. I wrote my first book, my first grandchild was born.  My baby girl married her school days sweetheart and I’ve lost sixty pounds (so far).  Felicia and I are learning to reconnect after years of life being about raising a family.

I mentioned in the previous paragraph that I’ve lost sixty pounds but the whole story is that with that sixty ponds lost I am now one hundred and thirty pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest about fifteen years ago. That’s a whole person.

Weight loss has opened all kinds of new doors for me. One day while considering things that I can now do that used to be practically impossible I remembered my teen years and my desire for a motorcycle. Then I started looking around me and noticing the grown men (my age) who own motorcycles.

I approached Felicia with my desire to buy a bike. She’s not scared of bikes because her dad had bikes when she was growing up but she didn’t’ give me her approval (at first).

My convincing argument to her was this. Our kids are all grown. You and I can spend beautiful Saturdays on a bike going anywhere we want to go and not need a lot of gas to go. I saw a twinkle in her eye as she considered what I was saying. I knew at that point that a bike was in my future.

So I’ve bought a bike. No I’m not having a mid-life crisis. Open collar shirts and gold chains are NOT in my future.  I fully intend to keep my chest hair covered.   I’m doing something that as a responsible husband and father I never had the time or money to do.

I’ve had some strange looks.  Some folks just cannot handle their 52 years old pastor on a motorcycle with a “do-rag” wrapped around his head. This past Saturday Felicia and I rode the bike along with other couples from our church to a festival in a nearby town. The weather was perfect so I was dressed in my jeans, a black t-Shirt and my “do-rag.” Boy did I get some looks.

In John 10:10 John recorded the words of Jesus when he said “I’ve come that they might have life and have it to the full.”  It’s Life in the sweet by and by and in the nasty now and now. I believe that God wants us to live our lives to the full and for His glory. That’s what I intend to do., motorcycle and all.

Jeff Scurlock


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  • Melissa Smith Britton

    And don’t forget to tell them about what the guy said as we were entering Flounder’s restaurant..”If that’s your Pastor, Man, I want to go to your church!!!” People need to see Christian’s living life to its fullest…we really had a great time..Thank you Lord for Family, Friends and Motorcycles…expanding the circle of friendship…!! Lovin’ it..

  • Rick Goolsby

    We really enjoyed ourselves this weekend with you guys!
    And just think…a few years ago I was resolved to the fact that I’d be riding my HOG alone when it came to our church family. How things can change in just a few months!
    Can’t wait until the mens retreat next September…maybe we’ll have an entire “gang” by then…:)