Don’t Forget To Do This on Thanksgiving

Jeff Scurlock —  November 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Jeff and Jacksson

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving.

It’s about 7am. I’ve taken the dogs out for their morning relief and now I sit in my chair with the television on ESPN. I’m also working on, no wait a second…..have just finished my second cup of coffee. If I wasn’t in my chair with my computer in my lap I would be getting another cup right now. Where is Adam when I need him?

Television update: I’ve changed the channel to a replay of the Stanford vs. Oregon game. GO STANFORD!

Everyone else is still in the bed. GET UP!!! My daughter Lauren and her husband Trevor are home for the holiday. I thought surely they would be up by now. After all it is 7:20 now.

The word Thanksgiving means to give thanks. Thanksgiving is great because we spend time with family, eat some really good food (no diet today) and maybe even watch a football game. However, contrary to what we think the word thanksgiving does not mean the ability to eat 5 meals in one day. It means to “Give Thanks.”

Today your challenge is to do that. Give Thanks! First of all give thanks to God. I mean really do it. Don’t just think about what God has done. Tell Him, with your voice, out loud, thank you. But…. Don’t stop there.

Tell someone thank you this morning. Oh by the way Adam just came in and I’ve already told him all the reasons I could think of to be thankful for him.

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for being a regular reader of my blog. I don’t take you for granted and I’m glad for you.


Jeff Scurlock


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