6 Things Christians In The USA Should Be Doing About Social and Political Matters.

Jeff Scurlock —  February 14, 2013 — Leave a comment


I’ve become weary with the mentality that Christians are not supposed to express their opinions about social and political matters.   If you say something is wrong you will be accused of hate or being hateful. Many believe that Christians should be silent and invisible. I actually can point to places in the Word where Jesus’ words were sharp, abrasive and confrontational.  Are we not supposed to be like Jesus? WWJD? I have been criticized for speaking my opinion. Not by people outside of the church but by those who claim Christ.  Those who would rather we are silent and invisible.

There is too much at stake. So here’s what I believe Christians should do about social and political situations.

#1 Pray – If my People……

#2 Fast – Isa 58:6 “Is not the fast that I have chose: To loose the bonds of wickedness……

#3 Be involved in the political system.  We don’t need more greedy lawyers in Washington. We need real people who know God and want to please Him.  Run for office.

#4 When running for office do not run with parties that have un-godly platforms. If you can’t find peace with either party, run as an independent.

#4 VOTE- If conservatives had gone to the polls  in our last election like they should have things might be different (for the good), maybe.

#5 Speak – Don’t let pseudo Christians intimidate your voice.

#6 Pray!

I’m just one person and this just happens to be my opinion and I’m standing by it.


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Jeff Scurlock


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