The Preachers Daughters

Jeff Scurlock —  March 19, 2013 — 2 Comments

My television watching is seasonal. During football season it’s football. During spring fever time it’s HGTV or DIY, the shows that motivate me to do projects around the house.

Right now I’m in a reality show season. Life is good in my mind when the day is coming to an end and I’m sitting in my den with a cup of coffee or something cold and American Pickers, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars or American Restoration is on.

Recently I’ve been seeing advertisements for a new show being aired by Lifetime called Preachers Daughters. I’ve never seen the show but he ads are enough for me. This show appears to be about pastors who have wild, loose, disrespectful daughters. It makes me sick on my stomach.

Preachers kids have enough scrutiny to deal with without this horrible reality show from lifetime.

First of all if these guys are really pastors (which I doubt) SHAME ON THEM!  If they are real and if these struggles with their daughters are real (which I doubt) they have sold the soul of their family for buck.

I have been a pastor since May of 1986. I have two beautiful grown daughters who were born in 1987 and 1991.  My daughters didn’t have a normal life growing up. It’s impossible when you’re a PK (Pastors Kid). Felicia and I tried to make life a normal as possible but it was hard.

Pastor’s kids live in a glass house and every move they make is watched, and scrutinized. They deal with a lot of unjust criticism and the agony of being wrongfully judged by people who are not the judge.

We had good times at our house and a few that were not but what family doesn’t.  Our girls had to deal with the pressures of living in that glass house and having an extremely strict father.  Strict? There were times in their young lives that strict doesn’t even qualify as a strong enough word.

When they were little girls we served a Pentecostal church in rural Florida.  Back when I was a young father I didn’t believe that girls should wear pants to church. It’s an archaic belief in many Pentecostal churches that has no scriptural foundation at all. I no longer hold to that belief.  Even on Wednesday nights when my girls would go to the girls program at our church they wore skirts. Felicia pleaded their case with me. “Jeffrey! Our girls are the only girls on Wednesday nights with skirts on.” She was right. The problem was that I battled more with what other people thought because we lived in that glass house. What would people think if the pastors daughters wore a pair of modest shorts to church on Wednesday night or even jeans? Isn’t that crazy?

Boys? I told them they couldn’t go on a date unless I met and had a conversation with “The Boy.” I stand by that practice. If a father sends his daughter out into the darkness of night without knowledge of the boy and without having a conversation with him, he’s crazy. Kara said, “Daddy ALL THE BOYS ARE SCARECD OF YOU!” “GOOD!” I would say.

I’ve had arguments with my daughters. What dad who really cares hasn’t? We had our difficult days. What family hasn’t?

Ok that’s the negative. Let me tell you just a miniscule fraction of the positive. God has blessed Felicia and I with two beautiful daughters who love God.

Both of our daughters were leaders in high school. Both were asked to give the closing remarks of their high school graduation ceremony. Both of my girls played in the band, did well in school. Both of our girls excelled in church related activities and were leaders.

Kara and Lauren have made their mom and dad extremely proud many, many, many times. Way too many times to put in this blog and if I’m forgetting something really important that should be mentioned I know they will forgive me.

Now they’re all grown up. Kara is married to a young man with a heart for God and the ministry. She is the mom of our first grandchild Jackson. She is a worship leader and vocationally she teaches music to elementary school children. Her mom and I couldn’t be more proud.

Lauren (our youngest child) is married to a young man who is a full time music pastor. Lauren has a heart for God and for people.. Right now she is leading the youth drama teams at here church. She is gifted in many, many ways.  Vocationally she is a nurse at the wellness center on the campus of Florida State University. Her mom and I couldn’t be more proud.

Kara and Lauren are survivors. They have survived being the Preachers Daughters.

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Jeff Scurlock


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  • Candice

    I’m a surviving Pastors Daughter in ministry and in love with Jesus raised the same way as your girls. My parents never made us feel sorry for being PK’s because God doesn’t just call Pastor’s to ministry…He calls families. Thanks you for sharing!

  • Jeff Scurlock

    Thank you Candice for reading. God Bless!