12 Simple Facebook Guidelines for Christians.

Jeff Scurlock —  July 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

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Facebook has changed the world.  The change that it has brought is also having an affect (some good some not) on churches and relationships.

I am not God, not all knowing and so I don’t have all the answers. In this article I am not trying to set myself up as judge and jury.  Some of these points could have a scripture attached to them others are just common sense.  Remember, we are called to let our light shine.


  1. Use Facebook for good only.
  2. Don’t use Facebook to attack anyone or anything unless it’s to take a stand for Godly morals in society.
  3. Don’t use Facebook for personal attacks. Not even statements with underlying meanings.
  4. Don’t use Facebook to air out family drama.
  5. Don’t use Facebook to air out church drama.
  6. Don’t use Facebook to vent about workplace drama.
  7. Don’t post pictures that give the appearance of evil.  Your picture might be absolutely innocent but for viewers it might imply something sinful.
  8. DO use Facebook to share encouraging words.
  9. Do use Facebook to share the Word of God.

10. Do use Facebook to share your life with those who you love.

Note: Be careful about sharing intimate information, especially if you have Facebook friends who you do not know.

11. Do use Facebook to build community.

12. And DON’T let Facebook replace having conversations, social contact and real life relationships.

Just twelve points that I just wrote without much forethought, you can add more. What do you think?


Jeff Scurlock


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