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The moment I heard there was going to be an American Sniper movie based on the book by Chris Kyle I knew I had to see it. My plan was to go the day the movie was released locally.
I don’t make it a habit of seeing R rated movies. I have seen a few. Movies like The Lone Survivor, Saving Private Ryan, The Passion of The Christ and now The American Sniper.
I didn’t get to see American Sniper the day it was released and now several weeks have gone by since that release. Finally, yesterday, I had the opportunity. I sat in a theatre without Felicia and with about sixty other people whom I did not know. When the movie was over and the credits rolled to silence (no music) the moviegoers left quietly and for my part, reverently.
I’ve heard so much controversy over the last few weeks about this movie and the legacy of Chris Kyle. Liberal moviemaker Michael Moore was quoted as having tweeted that snipers were cowards. The liberals jumped on board. I watched MSNBC one night just to see what they were up to and they were discussing American Sniper with a panel of liberal journalist who apparently all hated the movie. Why?
There is now a culture in our nation that hates this great country. They hate the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, patriotism and the God on whom this nation was established.
They  murder innocent children. They have taken prayer out of schools, God out of the town square, Christ out of Christmas, and morality out of marriage. Many Christians barely bristle when they talk hate against heroes like Chris Kyle while in the same breath promote gay marriage and the rights of transgender anomalies.
American Sniper was a great movie about a great American hero. We need more men and women like Kyle who will take on responsibility and stand for what is right.  You may never be a Navy Seal. Even less chance that you’ll ever put your eye to the scope of a 50 Cal and shoot a target 1.2 miles away but, you can still live with courage and conviction.
What I find entertaining is that while the liberals scream their hate for American Sniper those who made it are laughing all the way to the bank.  As of this morning American Sniper is the number two top grossing R rated movie of all time behind only The Passion of the Christ, the two movies that the liberals hate the most.
Live with courage and conviction.


There’s a fascinating story in the Bible found in 2 Samuel 12:13-24.  It’s the story of a king who made a series of serious mistakes.  David was a great man, “a man after God’s heart.” Even great men make mistakes. Not only was David a great man, his mistakes were massive.

First: He stayed home from a battle he should have been part of.

Second: He allowed himself to look lustfully at another man’s wife (Bathsheba).

Third: He had sex with her.

As a result of the first three mistakes he found himself in a difficult position. Bathsheba is pregnant.

Fourth: He brings Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah home from the battle in the hopes that he would sleep with her and it would appear that the child was his.  Uriah refused to go into his house and lay in his own bed while his countrymen were at war.  Because he would not sleep with Bathsheba David made his fifth major mistake.

Fifth: He had Uriah killed so that others would not know the baby was not his.

David made five major mistakes, then he married Bathsheba and the child, a boy was born.

Later in the story David is confronted by Nathan concerning his sins and told that his son by Bathsheba would die.

In spite of all the sin, the agony and the guilt of the sin this boy represents a dream for David. Isn’t it the case that the boy represents the father? That the father lives vicariously through the son?

Now David has the dreadful news that his dream is dying and will die.  It makes me think of the dreams that I’ve had in my lifetime that didn’t survive and the question must be answered, what do I do when my dream dies? I’d like to use David’s story and try to answer that question.

First I must tell you to fight for your dream as long as it’s alive.  In verse 16 of 2 Samuel 12 it says that David fasted for seven days and pleaded with God for the child. But the boy, the dream died. This is where you find yourself in life sometime, Maybe not the death of child but the death of a dream nonetheless.  Now what? According to David’s story here is what you must do.

  1. Get Up! In verse 20 of 2Samuel 12 it says that David arose from the ground.  If you spend the rest of your life grieving over the loss of a dream you most assuredly will not ever accomplish anything else. You will not ever, enjoy life again. You must get up!
  2. Repent. If necessary, apologize to God and those in your life who may have been affected by failure in your life. 2 Samuel 12 says that after David arose that he “washed himself.”  Failure leaves a yucky feeling in the soul of a man. Don’t let that yucky feeling of failure stay in your life. Wash it out.
  3. Go after a fresh touch of God in your life.  The story says that David “anointed himself.” The oil of anointing in the Old Testament is a type of Holy Spirit. David’s story reminds us that the best place of healing and new dreams is found in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Change clothes. What? That’s right, change clothes. The garment represents the attitude. It’s still that way. Have you ever spent the day in pajama’s or just sloppy old clothes because you were down in the dumps? David had on clothes of mourning so he had to change. The changing of clothes represents the changing of your attitude. I want to encourage you today, change your attitude.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!

Change from mourning to rejoicing. Change from defeat to a new. Whatever change that is necessary to move forward. Do it!

  1. Worship God. David did! In spite of his disappointment and pain he worshipped God.  Worship will get you into the presence of God. In His presence there is fullness of joy. In His presence there’s a new dream.
  2. Get your strength back. He ate. In other words, move on with life. Stop dragging around the corpse of a dead dream and move on. God’s got something for you to do.
  3. Get you a new dream.  In verse 24 it says “Then David comforted Bathsheba his wife, and went in to her and lay with her. So she bore a son, and he called his name Solomon.  David went to Bathsheba and got a new dream. A new son.

It may all sound a little preachy but that’s ok, I’m a preacher. The point is this. You only have one life to live for God. What will you do with it? Lay around a morn over yesterday or make the most of today. The choice is up to you.

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