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The moment I heard there was going to be an American Sniper movie based on the book by Chris Kyle I knew I had to see it. My plan was to go the day the movie was released locally.
I don’t make it a habit of seeing R rated movies. I have seen a few. Movies like The Lone Survivor, Saving Private Ryan, The Passion of The Christ and now The American Sniper.
I didn’t get to see American Sniper the day it was released and now several weeks have gone by since that release. Finally, yesterday, I had the opportunity. I sat in a theatre without Felicia and with about sixty other people whom I did not know. When the movie was over and the credits rolled to silence (no music) the moviegoers left quietly and for my part, reverently.
I’ve heard so much controversy over the last few weeks about this movie and the legacy of Chris Kyle. Liberal moviemaker Michael Moore was quoted as having tweeted that snipers were cowards. The liberals jumped on board. I watched MSNBC one night just to see what they were up to and they were discussing American Sniper with a panel of liberal journalist who apparently all hated the movie. Why?
There is now a culture in our nation that hates this great country. They hate the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, patriotism and the God on whom this nation was established.
They  murder innocent children. They have taken prayer out of schools, God out of the town square, Christ out of Christmas, and morality out of marriage. Many Christians barely bristle when they talk hate against heroes like Chris Kyle while in the same breath promote gay marriage and the rights of transgender anomalies.
American Sniper was a great movie about a great American hero. We need more men and women like Kyle who will take on responsibility and stand for what is right.  You may never be a Navy Seal. Even less chance that you’ll ever put your eye to the scope of a 50 Cal and shoot a target 1.2 miles away but, you can still live with courage and conviction.
What I find entertaining is that while the liberals scream their hate for American Sniper those who made it are laughing all the way to the bank.  As of this morning American Sniper is the number two top grossing R rated movie of all time behind only The Passion of the Christ, the two movies that the liberals hate the most.
Live with courage and conviction.

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This past Saturday was the day I gave my baby girl away. I marched her down the isle and gave her to Trevor.

Lauren and Trevor’s wedding was quite the event. Lauren has said for years that Uncle Steve (Steve Pettis) would perform her ceremony and she held true to that word. We were so glad to have Steve and Regina, Jenna and Ethan with us. Steve is not Lauren’s blood uncle. We have been really close friends for longer than Lauren has been in the world. They were with us the day she was born and she loves her Uncle Steve and Aunt Regina.

There were many other very close friends and members of our families and their presence meant the world to us.

There was lot’s of planning for months and hard work for weeks. The wedding and reception would have never been so good had it not been for our church family.

We have the most awesome church family. I could say thank you to every individual a thousand times and for me it still wouldn’t be enough.  There are some of you who have been involved in the planning for months. Lauren asked you to be involved and you jumped on the wagon for the long haul.  There are a few of you who have worked hard to make Lauren and Trevor’s wedding a success. I want to mention names so bad but I’m afraid that I’ll miss someone and I wouldn’t want anyone to be left out. You know who you are. Thank You!!

Many others helped Saturday. You worked to make the ceremony great, served as our caterers, servers, host, hostesses and more.  Then you stayed to help clean and put the sanctuary, kitchen and banquet hall back together. Felicia and I were extremely overwhelmed by the love and support that you demonstrated with your actions.

Many, many others attended the wedding. You’re presence did not go unnoticed. The church was packed to capacity and many of those in attendance were you, the members of our church family. Thank you for loving us. We love you too!!!

I know there are many others who would have been present except for circumstances that prevented you. Others that you love us but you just don’t do weddings and that’s ok. I don’t particularly like attending weddings either.

As I write this post it’s Sunday evening. Felicia and I were not with you in worship services today. We slept late (exhausted), drove to Crawfordville, Florida to deliver the rest of Lauren and Trevor’s belongings, gifts and Scar (the cat). We then drove to Deerpoint Lake to our family retreat. We’ve been here about an hour. Felicia is stretched out on the porch swing and I sit in a porch chair with my feet propped up and my computer in my lap. This retreat will be short lived but it wouldn’t have been possible at all without  our ministry partners, Chris and Alicia.

We are so extremely blessed to have such high quality people working with us. They are talented, hard working and Loyal.  It has been an awesome blessing to have today off and be relaxed and at peace. Thanks Chris and Alicia we love you guys!!

Our entire family are so blessed to have all of you as part of our lives.